Money is a mind game.

There’s something deep down inside of you that holds certain beliefs about money, success and freedom.

Maybe there’s a deep belief that nags at you, that freedom is impossible for you.

Maybe there are days that you look out the window and wonder:

Is this really it?

Is this the way life truly is?

Or is there a better way? One in which I am free, and doing what I love everyday?

We all ask ourselves these questions from time to time.

But do you know who the truly special people are? The ones that DECIDE it’s time for a change.

That’s you. You’re ready.


 “I feel guilty to ask for more money.”

 “It’s scary to go to that next level because I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

 “What if I fail? I would’ve wasted all that time and money.”

 “If I stretch myself and it doesn’t work how can i support my family?”

 “I’ve tried course after course, strategy after strategy and I’m still nowhere.”

 “I feel like I need to work hard to earn the amount I want and I won’t have time to do what I love.”

 “Not everyone is meant to be successful and wealthy. Some people are just lucky.”

 “Money comes to me and goes away just as fast. I can’t seem to hold it.”

 “I earn money and it all goes into debt and bills. I don’t know how to create the wealth I desire.”

 “My family/friends/relatives don’t support my dream of being wealthy.”

 “What if no one buys what I offer? What if people think I’m not good enough?”

Your paradigm creates your results.

It’s not your fault that you think this way.

It’s been repeated to us over and over through our childhood, through school and our environment.

But it can change.

The only reason these money fears are true for you is because you believe them.

And you only believe them because it seems like 97% of people think the same way.

You’ve been told that you have to stay satisfied.

You’ve been told that it’s okay to earn less, because you shouldn’t be greedy.


Not one bit. This universe that created you wants you to experience abundance.

The first step in creating a new reality for yourself is eliminating the stories about why you can’t.

It’s so important that we get to the root cause of the problem, the paradigms, the beliefs that cause us to take action like poverty-conscious people.

When you begin to shed these layers and embody your uniqueness…

When you decide it’s your time and SHOW UP for your dreams…

You’re going to experience a whole new you.

A you without limits. A you with freedom, and goals and abundance and joy.




 Replace your paradigms about success and money with new, success-oriented habit patterns.

 Transform your self-image to a whole new level so you experience a new sense of confidence, attitude and belief in yourself.

 Reprogram your mind so you begin to think, act, and feel like the new version of you – and your results follow suit.

 Introduce you to the power of paradigms and how they are currently controlling your behaviour and habits to keep you stuck.

 Stretch you in a way that you’re ready for, and show you that you ARE ready to uplevel yourself.

 Teach you to overcome your fears so you jump over obstacles and seamlessly achieve your goal.

 Develop your intution so you can work less and earn more, doing what you love.

 Set weekly goals and action steps together so you begin to see new results emerge right away when you get aligned.

 Get aligned with universal energy so your results appear in an effortless manner.

 Allow money to become an extension of your daily life – a normal experience in your everyday world.

How it works:

12 Mind-blowing Modules: Receive Bob Proctor’s 12 powerful Thinking Into Results modules. You will receive an email with your login details to the program right away.

Webinar Modules + Transformations: Along with Bob Proctor’s 12 modules, you will also receive our detailed webinar modules explaining each week’s work

Workbooks/Downloads/Tools: You will receive all the workbooks, accountability schedules, downloads and tools to guide you through this entire process. The workbook and exercises in this program are absolutely mind-blowing!

Business Training Modules: You will also receive 11 business training modules recorded by us, exclusively for our Thinking Into Results clients to help you build your business.

12 Weeks of Unlimited Email Support With Naveed & Sonika: You will receive guided emails every week to keep you on track, as well as unlimited email support from us during the 12-week process.

Facebook Community: You will also receive access to our Private Facebook group for masterminding and getting your questions answered.

Lifetime Access: You get access to the Thinking Into Results program + our personal modules for life so you can go back to it anytime!

LIVE Q&As: You receive our LIVE support inside the Facebook group with Q&A sessions exclusively for our Thinking Into Results clients!

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 This program has been created by Bob Proctor, an absolute legend in the personal development industry.

 Bob Proctor has been studying the power of paradigms for over 57 years.

 This program has specifically been designed to create a paradigm shift, so you will start to see a change in your results as soon as you begin.

 Naveed & Sonika, as your certified coaches, will take you through this process, step-by-step so you are never on your own.

 This program has helped entrepreneurs and companies earn millions of dollars in the past couple of years – just by shifting the paradigm within.

 This program is all about you – it’s all about evolving yourself into the better version of you.

 Results happen very quickly, within a matter of weeks.


 Shift your habits that are keeping you stuck and begin producing bigger results in a shorter time.

 Increase your prices to a level that fits your new self-worth.

 Start doubling, tripling, quadrupling your sales and money flow in a relaxed way.

 A transformed self-image that will lead you to close more sales, create more abundance and leave you feeling powerful and fulfilled.

 Find and express your unique truth in a powerful way to continue attracting soulmate clients.

 Work less by following intuitive guidance and break away from the tireless numbers game.

 Do what you love to do in a wholesome, unapologetic way.

The Thinking Into Results program is like no other.

With Bob Proctor (featured in the hit film The Secret) along with us as your guides, you will begin to break barriers and soar to new heights.

The biggest thing this program helps you do is eliminate limitations.

Things that you believe are true will no longer be true after this process.

You will see a new reality. You will see new possibilities.

Your money attraction becomes stronger. YOU become stronger.

Life becomes so beautiful.



If you have any questions, email us at

Lots of love,

Naveed & Sonika

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Naveed & Sonika are mind and money coaches for soulful client-based entrepreneurs.

They help entrepreneurs eliminate negative beliefs surrounding money, success, life, and their own self-image so they can create a new reality.

They help you develop a new mindset, new habits and new beliefs around the things you desire so that you can effortlessly achieve them by aligning with your truth and your true self.

They help you attract clients, money and success through alignment with universal laws, and aid you in creating new results that you’ve always wanted.

Naveed & Sonika have been certified by Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher institute and are well known for their deep understanding of universal laws, the power of paradigms, and the method required to release old blockages and create a free, relaxed and sustainable path to success.