It’s time to discover your truth.
You’ve reached a point in your life where you know it’s time to make a change.

You’ve battled the old way of doing things for so long, until you realized you don’t have to do them this way.

You’re ready to create a new life.

You’ve drawn new boundaries and decided what you will accept, and what you won’t accept.

You’re now looking for someone who’s a soulmate coach and mentor for you – someone who understands exactly what you’re going through and can show you the path to the next level.

You are exactly where you need to be.
It’s not an accident that you’re here.

It’s not an accident that you landed on this page.

There is something here for you.

You’re starting to understand that it’s the inner game that really matters.

You’re starting to see that it’s less about strategy and more about alignment.

You’re starting to surrender to the Universe, and you’re so so ready to stop working hard.

That’s exactly what we’ve been put on this planet for. To help free you from your past limits and stories so you create success in a relaxed way.

Your truth is where the money is.
If you’ve been looking for results outside of you, that’s the key reason why you haven’t found them.

You have to become one with your truth.

You have to accept that you are unique.

You have to accept the fear, the anxiety and worry that come along with the human experience.




 Identify and release false limitations that you have about yourself and your business.

 Eliminate the illusion of physical results (your current bank account, your current sales, etc) so they stop controlling you.

 Become more aligned with your truth, so you can begin re-branding your business and create content that feels right to you.

 Give you permission to express what you truly desire, and infuse you and your goal with love, light, joy and amazing energy.

 Stretch you in a way that you’re ready for, and show you that you ARE ready to uplevel yourself.

 Break down your current paradigms, old money stories, and fears so that we can work on eliminating them.

 Develop your intution so you can work less and earn more, doing what you love.

 Set weekly goals and action steps together so you begin to see new results emerge right away when you get aligned.

 Raise your vibration and keep it there while you move towards your goal in joyful, relaxed, fun-loving manner.

How it works:
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Schedule your first private coaching session. (If you don’t find times that fit we can discuss that.)
We will work together for 12 sessions over a six month period. Each session lasts 30 – 60 minutes.
We will assign inner guided work to you, modules from our other programs, as well as action steps for you to go to the next level in your business.
You will have access to our team to for advice and brainstorming ideas.
You will receive unlimited Skype/Voxer/Whatsapp access to us privately over the six months.
You will also receive access to our personal emails so we can take care of you as our priority.
You will also receive all offers that we release within the six months of our coaching – absolutely free of charge.

 Revamp your entire brand/business/idea/goal to fit the new, expansive you.

 Increase your prices to a level that fits your new self-worth.

 Start doubling, tripling, quadrupling your sales and money flow in a relaxed way.

 Become a vibrational match for your goal and earn more money than you ever thought you could earn.

 Find and express your unique truth in a powerful way to continue attracting soulmate clients.

 Work less by following intuitive guidance and break away from the tireless numbers game.

 Do what you love to do in a wholesome, unapologetic way.

The Private Coaching with us is a very unique opportunity.

You will get an inside look into how we align our energy to produce amazing results in our business and life.

You will see how we work less to earn even more.

You will get to remain in our energy, which will influence a shift in your vibration so you begin to attract everything at our level.

We only take on 12 personal coaching clients a year – so you will be a part of a very elite group of entrepreneurs who are creating a joyful business and life that they are obsessed with..



Our Thinking Into Results program (valued at $22,000)

Our signature Evolve Into Abundance course (valued at $5000)

All of our paid trainings (valued at $10,000)

Bonus VIP session (valued at $5000)

Anything we release between now and the end of your coaching, including VIP sessions, VIP days, new courses and trainings (Priceless)


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Lots of love,

Naveed & Sonika

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Disclaimer: We cannot and do not guarantee results. Results may not be typical for all students.

Naveed & Sonika are mind and money coaches for soulful client-based entrepreneurs.

They help entrepreneurs eliminate negative beliefs surrounding money, success, life, and their own self-image so they can create a new reality.

They help you develop a new mindset, new habits and new beliefs around the things you desire so that you can effortlessly achieve them by aligning with your truth and your true self.

They help you attract clients, money and success through alignment with universal laws, and aid you in creating new results that you’ve always wanted.

Naveed & Sonika have been certified by Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher institute and are well known for their deep understanding of universal laws, the power of paradigms, and the method required to release old blockages and create a free, relaxed and sustainable path to success.