How this social media consultant increased her income by 90%

Health & Travel Insurance Agent

I’m so happy and grateful that I made two sales this week and earned two new clients! I’ve also created partnership alliances to begin attracting more of my ideal clients to me. I’m looking forward to becoming a rockstar business woman! Thank you Naveed & Sonika.


Lifestyle Coach

Before I signed up for the programme my initial concern was the cost. I thought in my head ‘where am I going to get this money?’ After talking to Naveed on a 60 min call, he sent me a little exercise. I just did what he asked. I am completely broke, in debt yet in 4 days I got the money! I overcame the terror barrier. I was excited to work with these guys!

how this health coach transformed her self image and signed her first high-paying clients

International Best Selling Author

Naveed & Sonika have given me the quantum leap I have been dreaming of my whole life. Naveed & Sonika have helped me multiply my income by 2.5 times, in just 90 days.I also finally wrote my amazing book, The Cappuccino Chronicles which I couldn’t bring myself to finish in 20 years; Naveed & Sonika showed me how to do that in 6 months. My book became an intant International Best Seller & #1 on Amazon!

the insane quantum leap in her web & marketing business –
Graph included!


Millionaire Author & NY Times Best Seller Recommends
Naveed & Sonika

Life & Mindset Coach

I’ve been working with Naveed for just over three weeks now and already my whole life has done a complete turnaround.  Today, in one day, I earned more money than I used to in one month. I am eternally grateful for his help, do what he says and your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine. I’ve earned over $35,000 NZD in my first month of working with them.

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