If there’s one thing we know, it’s how important it is to walk the walk. Too many people have great ideas about how they want to live, but how many really follow through? When an individual or a company sets a goal, they usually do it with previous ‘logic’ or ‘practicality’; and this is their biggest downfall. We specialize in getting individuals and businesses unstuck so they break free of old thought and habit patterns and move in a big way towards their goals.

That’s why you’re here right?

Believe us when we say, you deserve to create that amazing business. You deserve to build a team and start living the way you want to.

Why should you have to deal with the frustrations? Why should someone else have control over the paycheck you receive every month?

We both know you deserve better than that…
that’s why we’re so pumped that you’re here!


Being born in Bangkok, Thailand, Naveed has inherited the culture of being compassionate towards people and helping them. During his days studying in university, he was asked by his father to join the family business part time, which gave him the fundamentals on how to operate a business. While working in his family business, he joined a networking marketing company in the Wellness industry. This decision changed his thinking forever because he got exposed to the concept of building freedom and earning passive income to have no financial concerns what so ever.

When Naveed began realizing his passion was to help others, he also realized he had to grow as a person in the process, in order to have massive breakthrough results. Therefore, he joined a self development course called The Landmark Forum. He then joined several seminars by T. Harv Eker – such as, Millionaire Mind Intensive, The Guerrilla Business Intensive, Train the Trainer, and Freedom Trader. These courses shifted his financial blueprint and he began a Forex trading business and started his own business along with several other online businesses.

However, his results were never consistent; this led him to The Secret, and eventually some more of Bob Proctor’s videos and teachings. For the first time ever, Naveed understood that to change outside results, he needs to shift his inner world. Naveed made up his mind that no matter what it takes, he’s going to work with Bob and teach people all around the world how to achieve phenomenal results. Today, Naveed is helping people locally and globally transform their lives like night and day.


Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Sonika was always known as one of the smartest kids in school. She had all the A+’s, teachers loved her, students copied her homework and everyone thought she would grow up to work in a top position at a large company. Sonika, however, never believed in conformity – she knew she would only do something if she set her heart on it. She broke her first barrier by attending Academy of Art University in San Francisco to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion. She then went on to work at many fashion jobs: fashion stylist, model booker, fashion magazine column writer, and production assistant; but she never experienced that intense feeling of inspiration.

Sonika quickly realized that the 9-5 lifestyle wasn’t for her. She wanted freedom, and she wanted others to live the life of their dreams exactly the same way. After marrying her husband Naveed in 2014, Sonika began her journey in personal development. She attended the Landmark Forum, Landmark Advanced Course, as well as T.Harv Eker’s online courses – but nothing clicked.

After watching The Secret, Sonika knew this information was exactly what she was missing, and she dove deeper into Bob Proctor’s teachings. For the first time in her life, she felt a burning desire to do something bigger than she’s ever done – and that something was to meet Bob Proctor, become a master at what he teaches and share this information with the world. Today, Sonika is living the life of her dreams by helping people all around the world break out of that 9-5 rut and finally enjoy this beautiful journey called life.

Naveed & Sonika are certified by Bob Proctor & the Proctor Gallagher Institute, and one the first in the world to expand on a global scale. They quickly rose to become one of the top consultants in the world, gaining explosive recognition within the personal development industry. This dynamic-duo aims to help companies and individuals achieve ground-breaking, permanent results.

The NS Vision

We don’t believe that anyone should have control over your life, or how much you earn. We love seeing a world full of possibility, creativity and growth. We love the risk-takers, the fearless, the ones who can make a decision without caring about the “How”. Imagine a world full of people who are just doing what they love every single day, and shining the light for others to do the same. Whatever you do, whoever you are, you have a place in this world… and it’s time to let that raging passion out! You know why?
Because the world needs more people like you!

Till date, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like yourself kick-start their business and build faith in themselves that they have never had before.

Because that’s what it’s really all about right?
If you don’t believe in your idea then who will?

So that’s what you’ll get with us: Full-blown support, proven programs that will work on your mindset and your vision, weekly mentoring, and a weekly mastermind to help build on your ideas.

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