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Naveed & Sonika?




Ofcourse you want these things.

It’s your inherent nature to expand and grow.

But in order for this to be an effective process, there’s something we want you to understand.

It’s not about the money/clients/business at all.

It’s about the underlying thoughts, feelings, doubts, worries and limiting beliefs ABOUT all these things.

It’s not about strategies at all.

It’s about whether or not you are doing things aligned with your SOUL, regardless of the rules that the people in your industry have set.

If you’re TOTALLY understanding this, and this is making sense, we are a beautiful fit. (yay!)

Naveed & Sonika are mind and money coaches for soulful client-basedentrepreneurs.

They help entrepreneurs eliminate negative beliefs surrounding money, success, life, and their own self-image so they can create a new reality.

They help you develop a new mindset, new habits and new beliefs around the things you desire so that you can effortlessly achieve them by aligning with your truth and your true self. They help you attract clients, money and success through alignment with universal laws, and aid you in creating new results that you’ve always wanted.

Naveed & Sonika have been certified by Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher institute and are well known for their deep understanding of universal laws, the power of paradigms, and the method required to release old blockages and create a free, relaxed and sustainable path to success.

If you’re not creating the results you want in life, you’re selling yourself short everyday.

You’re not thinking highly enough of yourself.



    • Constantly thinking about the end of the month, when those bills are going to come, and you need to sign a client, like yesterday. 
    • Charging lower than you’re worth because you’re afraid you’re not credible enough to have people pay you large amounts of money for your services. 
    • Working day and night trying to figure out how to automate your business and save time and energy, and still not producing the results you want. 
    • Getting so wrapped up in doubt/fear/worry everytime something goes wrong in your physical world, and it throws you off completely.
    • Investing in countless webinars/strategies/PDFs/courses only to have temporary success, before falling right back into the old cycle.


Is it really possible to go from earning nothing to a 6-figure business quickly? Can you really achieve that level of success that the big people in your industry are enjoying?

Short Answer: HELL YES.

Long Answer: Yes. We almost don’t want to say anything else. But the truth is, you attract bigger results, more money, more clients, more freedom when you DECIDE you get to have it, shift into a place of KNOWING it’s yours, and step into your next level self.


“Sonika and Naveed provide you with simple steps to help you make big changes in your life. Do not allow their young age to mislead you, these two individuals are beyond their years in wisdom.”

Featured in the hit film “THE Secret”

So What The Heck Have These Two Done Themselves?

We totally feel you on that question. We’re not just self-proclaimed coaches that woke up one morning and decided “Hey! We’re going to help other coaches/consultants/creatives attract their dream clients and sell out their programs!”

You’d see through us right away if that were true.

In 2015, we got certified by the Proctor Gallagher Institute, and worked directly with Bob Proctor, who was featured in the hit film, The Secret.

We began coaching families, entrepreneurs, and companies on how to create a paradigm shift in their business in order to produce effortless results.

In 2016, we took our income from $32k to over $500,000 in less than 12 months. As we continued running our business, our clients kept asking us how we pulled that off. Before we knew it, we were attracting coaches, consultants and client-based businesses, who were wondering how they could use our blueprint and program to produce the same results.

In 2017, we decided to rebrand ourselves, and help other client-based business owners produce the same results that we created… without ANY of the trial and error!

TODAY…. $20k days are not uncommon. Attraction millions is not uncommon. Money is a game.

And we can make this happen for you too, if you’re ready to join forces with us.

Naveed & Sonika are well-known as a ‘dynamic duo’, because of their refreshing and bold approach to mindset and success.They are the straight shooters that will get you to your goals quickly, and will not allow for any excuses.

 Recognized worldwide as Bob Proctor’s top consultants across the globe, these two know exactly how to get entrepreneurs unstuck and well on their way to achieving their desired goals – quickly.

They’ve been certified by the Proctor Gallagher Institute and been featured in well-known publications like Forbes. Not to mention, their books have achieved Amazon Best-Seller, as well as Amazon International Best-Seller status within just two years of their business.

Their clients include coaches, consultants, sales people, and other client-base business owners that desire to grow their client base and income rapidly in today’s millennial era.

 Building their entire business from scratch with no financial support, it’s almost unbelievable how much they’ve achieved in such a short period of time. They grew their coaching business by 1000% in less than 12 months, and today, they’ve dedicated their lives to helping other client-based business owners achieve the same level of success with their signature program:
Evolve Into Abundance

 When they’re not running around with their two beagles in their Bangkok penthouse or binge-watching YouTube videos, they’re hanging out with their “The Abundance Manifestors” Facebook Community.

 Naveed & Sonika have a gift for being able to see right through their clients’ habits and excuses, allowing them to move them into action quickly and permanently. In return, their clients produce a massive quantum leap in their results.

4 Fun Facts About Us

Sonika is obsessed with graphic design. It’s legit like one of her go to hobbies in her free time. Which completely confuses Naveed, because he ends up thinking she’s still working when they’re supposed to be taking a break.

 Naveed used to be a major cat person, until Sonika told him when they got married that there is no way she would live with a cat. So he gave her permission to buy one pet dog. She bought two! 

Naveed only recently learned how to say the word ‘scroll’ correctly. He kept arguing with Sonika that it was pronounced like “scrawl”, until Sonika took on a trip to Google, which showed him that was in fact, not true.

 A lot of people didn’t agree with our love story – as we were from separate religions. It had never happened in our society before, but we were determined to stand up against those beliefs, and decide for ourselves. Best. decision. ever.

Are you ready for a massive shift?



This is right for you if you’re ready to build a kick-ass business, start enjoying a huge client base, and be able to work at your own hours, on your own terms!

Fear of where your next clients will come from? GONE.

Fear of how you’re going to pay off your bills? GONE.

Passion + Profit from your business whenever you want? IT’S HERE.

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