Find The Light On A Rainy Day

Find the light on a rainy day.... You’ve been told that there’s a new way of manifestation. To create the life you desire. It no longer involves hard work on the outside. It involves you enjoying your life so that you don’t overthink your goal and cause a block in the...

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Succeeding As An Introvert

Do we really need the big show? The massive following? The crazy likes and comments? Is that really a part of being able to attract thousands of clients? Not necessarily. This is something that kept me stuck for a long time. I always thought that if I was going to hit...

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Why You Think You Need To Work Hard

Here's why we think we need to work hard (It's not what you think.)   Yes, we've been conditioned to do it that way. Yes we've got the genes of our grandparents/parents etc who did it that way. And yes going to school didn't exactly make it easier.   BUT... today, you...

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