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Age Is Just A Number… Seriously!

If a two 23 year olds approached you, telling you they could show you exactly how they can help you change their life, what would you think? Would you think they're crazy because they have no experience, or would you jump at the opportunity to change your life? If...

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Breaking Patterns In Your Business

When we decided to make a HUGE change in our business, do you know what happened? .... I got SICK. I, Sonika, got so sick for two weeks straight, because my body was basically like NOPE you can't handle this change! My mind, on the other hand was at a whole different...

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How To Increase Your Sales With This Small Tweak

Oh the things we've done in our coaching business these past two years... It's actually crazy how much TIME and ENERGY we spent doing things that produced NO results! There was a time, when we were brand new at this, that we used to spend 2 full hours showing the...

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$12K In 24 Hours… What?!

$12,000 in 24 hours... whaattt? If you met us 18 months ago, and told us that was possible, we would've had a big laugh. But today, that's become an everyday thing - and it wasn't until tonight that we realized what the heck we actually did. This message is truly for...

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How to Remain Centered At All Times

It happens to all of us, even to the wisest man or woman alive. It takes one simple incident (arguments,lack of money, bad day, etc.) to flip our mind to a frequency where we feel disturbed, angry, and out of control. It’s this rush of irritation that runs through our...

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Don’t Disregard Your Success

Do you disregard the small wins and get disappointed easily? This video will change that for you! Schedule your free session with us here to learn more about Bob Proctor's Thinking Into Results program:...

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The Dreaded Plateau: How To Produce Fast Results

Imagine yourself starting a new workout routine and diet. You're all pumped for it, you get going, you're consistent and you start seeing amazing changes in your body. Then all of a sudden, two to three months later, the results slow down and almost stop. You've been...

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The One Reason To Never Give Up

I can't even tell you how many times I have wanted to give up. We're faced with obstacles every single day, and sometimes they loom up so high that we almost feel defeated. The keyword there, is almost. There have been whirlwind moments where I've had such negative...

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