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the easy way.

the easy way.

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We’re Naveed & Sonika.
We are manifestation coaches, and we help
you rediscover your power and intuition
so you can manifest more abundance, clients,
love and happiness… the easy way.

Magical Manifestors...

 Start creating FLOW in your business, and finally see clients, money and freedom effortlessly enter your life.

Rediscover your intuition and take soul-aligned action so you are highly PAID for your time.

 Create massive impact by sharing your unfiltered self and letting out your heart.

Naveed and Sonika have changed my life 10 times over and they’re still doing it!
My journey with money mindset started in undergrad when I wrote my BA Thesis on Limiting Money Beliefs. Since then I have worked with and studied other teachings on Money Mindset, but none of them have been able to get to the deepest root issues and teach money mindset in relation to the laws of the universe, law of attraction like Naveed and Sonika have. They get you to understand the deepest root of our money blocks AND show you how to change them with continuous dedicated support. I have found my life long coaches right here because I know my growth is infinite working with them. They are true spiritual warriors in human form! Jen Wah

Spiritual Life Coach, Jen Wah Intuition

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Overflow Into Abundance

I used to be afraid of overflow because I didn’t think I could handle it. I used to wonder how I would handle an overflow of clients. Overflow of money. Overflowing inbox. I held onto a belief for so long that we’re just two people, and if we open those gates we won’t...

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Find The Light On A Rainy Day

Find the light on a rainy day.... You’ve been told that there’s a new way of manifestation. To create the life you desire. It no longer involves hard work on the outside. It involves you enjoying your life so that you don’t overthink your goal and cause a block in the...

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Naveed & Sonika